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Oleksandr Zhehalov

Oleksandr Zhehalov


Oleksandr Zhehalov, born February 21, 1998 in Odesa, Ukraine, is an outstanding clarinettist and pianist with a remarkable artistic career. Currently teaching at the Conservatoire de Musique de Fontainebleau, the Conservatoire Rachmaninoff and the École de Musique Intercommunale AIDEMA Mairie d’Auffargis, Zhehalov excels in both teaching and performance.

His musical career is punctuated by prestigious collaborations. He has been a member of several renowned orchestras, including the Ensemble intercontemporain – ULYSSES 2024 and the Ostinato orchestra, where his talent as a clarinettist has shone. As a soloist, he has shared his art with orchestras such as the Armenian National Orchestra and the Mykolaïv Symphony Orchestra, leaving a lasting impression thanks to his masterful interpretation.

Zhehalov benefited from exceptional training, studying under Prof. Philippe Cuper and obtaining his Licence d’interprétation diploma at the Conservatoire de Versailles. He then went on to obtain a Master’s degree at the same institution, marking his commitment to musical excellence.

His talent and dedication have earned him numerous awards and accolades in the music world. Winner of national and international competitions, including the “Classic Winds” International Competition for Wind Instruments in Dubai and the Lugano International Music Competition in Switzerland, Zhehalov was also awarded a Rotary Club of Versailles scholarship in 2019, testifying to his distinction in the musical field.

In addition to his individual achievements, Zhehalov has also participated in renowned international festivals and workshops, sharing his expertise and passion for music with other artists from around the world. His commitment to contemporary music has led him to collaborate with eminent composers, enriching the musical repertoire.

Alongside his musical career, Zhehalov is also a fervent supporter of classical and contemporary art. Since 2019, he has headed a public organization aimed at promoting these art forms, notably through innovative projects in collaboration with the Polish Consulate General in Odessa.

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