Founded and directed by Pierre Mollaret, the Arènes Lyriques concerts take place every year at the same time: from the last weekend in July to the third in August, in the heart of the Montmartre arena gardens in Paris.


Each year, the aim is to bring together a unique group of young soloists – violinists, singers and pianists – to perform an ephemeral musical programme, devised by them and performed just ten times. 


Every evening, in the intimacy of this little-known venue, the Arènes Lyriques creates a precious encounter between promising young artists and an audience from all horizons.


Pierre Mollaret, Founder and Director
Léa Halimi, Production Manager
Dilan Tas, Production Assistant
Lola Granié, Communications Assistant

2024 Technical team

Estelle Jalinie, lighting
Zéphir Torres, sound engineer
Gabriel Hono, sound assistant
Léa Grabowsky, lighting assistant

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