The Ostinato Orchestra

The Ostinato Orchestra , founded in 1997 under the impetus of Manuel Rosenthal, is a unique structure in France dedicated to the professionalization of young musicians.

Comprising 80 young instrumentalists from top conservatories, it offers them a demanding and remunerated experience of the orchestral profession. The orchestra stands out for its ambition to provide access to excellence regardless of the musicians’ social background.

Every year, the Ostinato Orchestra gives between 30 and 40 concerts in prestigious venues in the Paris region, and collaborates with top artistic institutions such as the Académie Opéra national of Paris.

Join the Ostinato Orchestra

You are between 18 and 30 years old and have a passion for music ? The Ostinato orchestra offers you the opportunity to become a professional musician. The next auditions will take place in September 2024. To find out more, visit the Ostinato Orchestra website.

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